2017 CIBR Medical Technology Showcase Poster Guidelines

2017 CIBR Medical Technology Showcase Poster Guidelines 2017-02-01T17:19:51+00:00

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Thank you for your interest in creating a research poster that we can utilize as an educational tool during our spring advocacy events in Washington DC, March 27-28, 2017.  Our goal is to educate your elected Representatives about imaging research and technology both leading up to and during our annual Medical Imaging Technology Showcase (link to 2016 event summary here)

Each Department who is a member of the Academy of Radiology Research Academic Council is encouraged to appoint an early career investigator to design a research poster that illustrates current research taking place in the pipeline at your Institution.  This appointed person is typically the same person nominated by the Chair or Vice Chair for the Academy travel award to attend our advocacy events in Washington, DC in the spring.  Due to our limited resources, the Academy can award only 12 travel stipends.

If you are not chosen to receive a travel award to attend you have several options to participate by sending us your research poster:

  1. The Academy will work with you to request and invite your Representative to display your research poster in their office the week leading up to the CIBR Medical Imaging Technology Event. We will request a photo of your Representative with your research poster for your internal use. Additionally, we will display the poster at our reception and or/the event on Capitol Hill on your behalf.
  2. If you have questions specific to the content within your research poster during this process you can reach out to Rebecca Rakow-Penner, Chair of CECI at:
  3. If you have logistical questions about the process please contact Ye Wan at ywan@acadrad.org.

Sample Posters: 

To download a sample pdf template of posters, click here.



Notification of Intent:

Please notify Dave at the Academy of Radiology Research no later than COB on Friday, Feb. 3rd that you intend to appoint someone from your Department to create and submit a research poster for the 8th annual Coalition for Imaging and Bioengineering Research Medical Technology Showcase, on March 28th from 5-7pm.

Please send this notification with the name and contact information to Dave Zinn at dzinn@acadrad.org.

 Poster Specifications:

These specifications have been created by members of the Academy Council for Early Career Investigators in Imaging, who have both participated in several of our advocacy events and have designed and displayed posters at our events in the past.  Our audience on Capitol Hill are typically either Members or Congressional staff who do not understand complicated medical terminology.  Please keep your poster design and verbiage very simple.  Our goal is to educate our laymen audience about imaging and the research taking place in a way that they will fully understand. If you have or know a child who is between the ages of 12-16, this is the perfect person to show your poster.

  • Full color.
  • Size: 3’x 2’ (36” wide x 24” tall – horizontal). CIBR staff will be responsible for printing the posters to its proper size. Therefore, all posters need to be sent to us electronically by the due date. All departments will be billed $75 for printing the posters.
  • Type: PDF, PNG, AI, or .PPT files. Preferably .ppt files should be saved in .pdf format for printing the appropriate size.


  • The more imagery, the better. Text should minimal. Your message should communicate quickly and be easily understood.
  • Use high-resolution images (or pixilation will result) to achieve the best quality print.

Your Audience:

  • Most attendees will be Member of Congress, Hill staff, Patient Advocacy Groups etc. without a technical or scientific background.
  • Please make the information accessible to the general public. Please do not be insulted if your poster is sent back to you and asked to have fewer words and more pictures.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Use words, no one will have to Google.
  • If the research received funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or another federal government agency, please include that information on the poster.


  • Drafts of posters should be emailed in the appropriate format to Dave at dzinn@acadrad.org by February 14 for review.
  • The final deadline for submitting posters is March 1, 2017.


Please submit the PDF, PNG, PPT or AI file of your poster to Dave (dzinn@acadrad.org) or via Dropbox with a link sent to Dave for retrieval.


We would like to offer your Congressman the opportunity to display a research poster from your Department in their offices leading up to the event. Prior to the showcase, we would like to hand deliver a letter from your Department, to your Congressman offering this opportunity.

We will provide you with a template letter that you can modify and personalize. Please put all letters on Department letterhead and submit the finished letters to Dave (dzinn@acadrad.org). Academy staff will hand-deliver the letters to your Congressman once the letters are received.

If the office accepts this invitation, Academy staff will deliver the poster to the Member’s office. An invitation to attend the event will be placed on the back side of the poster. Additionally, if your Member opts to have your poster displayed in their office, a second copy will be printed for the Med Tech Showcase on March 28.

The posters will not be returned to you.