2017 Early Career Investigators in Imaging

Frequently Needed Forms and Information for the Medical Imaging Technology Showcase 2017

Nomination Worksheet Form

CECI2 Fact Sheet

CECI2 Travel Reimbursement Form

Draft Letter to Your Member of Congress

For the Academy to schedule your meetings with your Members of Congress:

  • download the draft version of the letter (see directly above for link)
  • add your university’s logo and name where indicated
  • sign the letter
  • return to mnolan@acadrad.org as a Word document

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What is CECI2?

    The Academy formed the CECI2 as part of its commitment to ensure that the next generation of imaging scientists understands the importance of research advocacy and is able to actively participate in our initiatives. Under the leadership of CECI2 Chair, Dr. Rebecca Rakow-Penner/UCSD, this group proactively collaborates to advocate for consistent federal investments in imaging research. Additionally, CECI2 serves as a networking and educational resource for its members.

  2. Who can nominate?

    The Chair or Vice-Chair of an academic department who is a member of the Academy for Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research Academic Council.

  3. What are the CECI2 nominees’ criteria for nomination?

    • Have their primary professional appointment in an academic Radiology Department that is a current member of the Academy of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research’s Academic Council (ARRAC).
    • Be a postdoc, trainee, or junior investigator (for example, someone who has not received a R01 award or its equivalent).
    • Have a clear and articulate interest in political advocacy for imaging research.
    • Prepare a research poster to exhibit on Capitol Hill. DUE to the Academy in electronic format for printing no later than March 1, 2017.

  4. Time and Location of all Advocacy Events:

    CECI2 Awardees will be invited to attend the Academy’s advocacy events in Washington, DC.  These events will take place on March 27-28, and CECI2 members are invited to participate in all of the events during those two days, including: Monday, March 27th

    Monday, March 27th
    • 9am-1pm: Visits with Institutes at the National Institutes of Health (NIBIB, NCI etc.)
    • 5pm-6pm: Advocacy training to prepare for visits with our Congressional offices at the Phoenix Park Hotel
    • 6pm-8pm: CIBR Reception at the Phoenix Park Hotel

    Tuesday, March 28th
    • 9am-12pm: Scheduled meetings with your Congressional Representatives to introduce yourself, discuss research in your Department and speak to your interest in this area of research.
    • 12pm-2pm: CIBR Luncheon w Guest Speaker for all CIBR event participants
    • 5pm-7pm: Attend the 8th annual CIBR Medical Imaging Technology Showcase

  5. Who do I contact with questions?
    Please address questions to Renee Cruea, Executive Director at rcruea@acadrad.org or to Dr. Rebecca Rakow-Penner, Chair of  CECIat rrakowpenner@ucsd.edu.