CECI Travel Award Recipients

In 2014 the Academy of Radiology Research Academic Council offered 12 travel awards for early career investigators from Member Departments to attend the annual Coalition for Imaging and Bioengineering Research (CIBR) Medical Technology Imaging Showcase in Washington DC. These awards created a unique opportunity for investigators to learn first-hand how to advocate for imaging research, discuss research with policy makers and visit the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Each travel awardee meets with NIH Directors and staff, their Congressional Representatives, and have the option to display a research poster they design from their home Institution during the Showcase. Additionally, there are incredible networking opportunities with Academic Chairs, patient advocacy leaders, and Congressional staff.

Each year new early career investigators are selected and become a part of this prestigious Academy tradition. Below is a list of past Travel Award Recipients.

2014 Inaugural Travel Award Recipients
Name Institution
Raag Airan Johns Hopkins University
Brad Allen Northwestern University
Joe Burns University of California Irvine
Seena Dehkharghani New York University
Bruce Lehnert University of Washington
Alex Lin Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Emily McWalters Stanford University
Emilia Olson University of California San Diego
Rebecca Rakow-Penner, MD, PhD University of California San Diego
Rahul Sheth  Massachusetts General Hospital
Jadranka Stojanovska University of Michigan Health System
2015 First Time Travel Award Recipients
Costas D. Arvanitis, PhD Brigham and Women’s Hospital
James Scott Cordova Emory University
Ryne Didier, MD Oregon Health and Science University
Vinay Duddalwar, MD University of Southern California
Michael E. Hahn, MD, PhD University of California San Diego
Valentina Taviani, PhD Stanford University
Shangdong Wu, PhD University of Pittsburgh
2016 First Time Travel Award Recipients
Jaydev K. Dave, PhD, DABR, MS Thomas Jefferson University
Courtney Coursey Moreno, MD Emory University School of Medicine
Adam T. Eggebrecht, PhD Washington University School of Medicine
Terence P. Gade, MD, PhD University of Pennsylvania
Manu S. Goyal, MD, MSc Washington University School of Medicine
Ajay Gupta, MD Weill Cornell Medical College
Jayender Jagadeesan, PhD Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Christin Y. Sander, PhD Massachusetts General Hospital
Archana Venkataraman, PhD Yale University