2014 Distinguished Investigators Award2018-06-28T12:47:45-04:00

The Academy of Radiology Research is pleased to announce that 46 researchers have been selected to receive the Academy’s 2014 Distinguished Investigator Award. This prestigious honor recognizes individuals for their accomplishments in the field of medical imaging.

Please congratulate the following researchers;

Carolyn J. Anderson, PhDUniversity of Pittsburgh
Miriam Bredella, MDMassachusetts General Hospital
Timothy J. Carroll, PhDNorthwestern University
Thomas L. Chenevert, PhDUniversity of Michigan
Christine B. Chung, MDUC San Diego Health System
Bruce Damon, PhDVanderbilt University
Georges El Fakhri, PhD, DABRMassachusetts General Hospital
G. Scott Gazelle, MD, MPH, PhDMassachusetts General Hospital
Gary Glover, PhDStanford University
Thomas Grist, MDUniversity of Wisconsin Madison
Brian Hargreaves, PhDStanford University
Gordon J. Harris, PhDMassachusetts General Hospital
Hoby P. Hetherington, PhDUniversity of Pittsburgh
Hossein Jadvar, MD, PhD, MPH, MBAKeck School of Medicine of USC
Jens H. Jensen, PhDMedical University of South Carolina
Elizabeth A. Krupinski, PhDUniversity of Arizona
Vikas Kundra, MD, PhDU.T.-M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Meng Law, MD, MBBSKeck School of Medicine of USC
Zhenghong Lee, PhDCase Western Reserve University
Jason S. Lewis, PhDMemorial Sloan-Kettering
Umar Mahmood, MD, PhDMassachusetts General Hospital
Stephan E. Maier, MD, PhDBrigham and Women’s Hospital
Chester A. Mathis, PhDUniversity of Pittsburgh
Robert F. Mattrey, MDUniversity of California San Diego
Nathan J. McDannold, PhDBrigham and Women’s Hospital
Dieter J. Meyerhoff, PhDUniversity of California San Francisco
Sabee Molloi, PhDUniversity of California Irvine
Anna Moore, PhDMassachusetts General Hospital
James D. Mountz, MD, PhDUniversity of Pittsburgh
Raymond F. Muzic, Jr., BS, MS, PhDCase Western Reserve University
Robert M. Nishikawa, PhDUniversity of Pittsburgh
Lawrence P. Panych, PhDBrigham and Women’s Hospital
Edward F. Patz, Jr., MDDuke University
Norbert Joseph Pelc, ScDStanford University
Scott Reeder, MD, PhDUniversity of Wisconsin Madison
Ravinder R. Regatte, PhDNYU Langone Medical Center
Khalid Shah, MS, PhDMassachusetts General Hospital
Allen Wuming Song, PhDDuke University
Jody Tanabe, MDUniversity of Colorado Denver
Patrick Turski, MDUniversity of Wisconsin Madison
Yanming Wang, PhDCase Western Reserve University
Michael W. Weiner, MDUniversity of California San Francisco
Carl-Fredrik Westin, PhDBrigham and Women’s Hospital
Joseph C. Wu, MD, PhDStanford University
Thomas E. Yankeelov, PhDVanderbilt University
Xiaoliang Zhang, PhDUniversity of California San Francisco
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