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August is a time when legislators leave Washington, D.C. and meet with their constituents in their home districts. This offers a great opportunity to continue the momentum created from our advocacy efforts to promote the role of imaging in health care and to support research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) including the our institute, the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB).

This year August recess is scheduled to from August 1st until September 6, 2016. The Academy would like to work with you to meet with your Senators in support of our advocacy efforts during this recess period.

Our Objective
To engage our membership with their Senators, specifically Appropriations committee members who control federal funding for most health care programs, including the National Institutes of Health, while they are at home for summer recesses.

Take Action!
We are asking our membership to urge their Senators to support and pass the Senate FY 2017 Labor Health and Human Services Education and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill (Labor-H) that includes an additional $2M for NIH funding.

Why do we want the Senate to pass its FY2017 Appropriations bill?
#1 Maintaining federal funding for programs/services is important
Vague appropriations lead to waste and unmet needs especially in health care. The lack of clarity in the annual appropriations process makes it more difficult for agencies to plan, hire and manage their staffs and perform their missions. This is a critical need for the NIH to retain top notch scientists in order to lead innovation and technology. We must make and keep Americans’ competitive edge in the global economy.

#2 More money for medical research is KEY!
The proposed Senate bill included an additional $2B increase in research funding at the NIH, which also means additional funding for the NIBIB and the research funded at your institutions. The Academy supports no less than $34.5B in funding for the NIH ($364M for the NIBIB).

#3 Imaging research at NIH creates value for everyone
The proposed Senate bill includes several recommendations that will streamline and help raise the profile of imaging research at the NIH and throughout the federal government.

District Meeting During August Recess
➢ We have created a toolkit to give you the necessary resources to connect with your member of Congress during the August recess.

➢ We will share with you talking points and background materials to make your meeting successful (talking points and background materials: Meeting one pager, background docs for packet, additional items).

➢ We ask that you share your meeting notes with us upon meeting completion and share updates on social media (meeting summary sheet).

➢ The meeting will likely take place with a member of the Senators district office staff. Staffers play a vital role in ensuring that the Senator is made aware of your issues/concerns as a constituent. They are extremely knowledgeable about the issues and this is your great opportunity to share your expertise and build value relationships.

Express appreciation for Congress’ long standing bipartisan support for the NIH. Thank them for ongoing and increased funding in particular to the NIBIB. Don’t forget the ASK: The Academy supports no less than $34.5B in funding for the NIH and $364M in funding for the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering

Make it personal: Explain the importance of continued funding for YOUR research and the advances that are being made at your institution or practice telling your own personal story about your research and/or examples of patients you serve. If possible, explain how recent and/or future budget cuts at NIH have already or will impact your research and institution. Explain what an increase TODAY in NIH funding means for your research and institution.

If you need assistance in scheduling a meeting or have additional questions contact Maria Spencer, VP of Public Policy. Email mspencer@acadrad.org or call 202.347.5873.

Click to download:
• Value of Medical Imaging Research
• Talking Points
• Imaging in Major Public Health Initiatives
• About the Academy of Radiology Research
• Sample Letter for Meeting Request
• Contact Information for Senate District Offices

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