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(L to R) Brad Booth, Steven E. Seltzer, MD, Cindy Parlow Cone, Carolyn C. Meltzer, MD and Brett Johnson

Eighth Annual Medical Imaging Technology Showcase

This year’s 8th Annual Medical Imaging Technology Showcase was a great success! Held at the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill with more participants and a record number of congressional staffers in attendance, the event highlighted the best of academia, industry and patient-focused research in a forum that educated our nation’s leadership about new technologies being introduced and how they affect patient outcomes. Click here for a detailed summary.

Also on hand were the Academy’s Early Career Investigators (CECI²) of 2017. There were 15 new researchers along with their Chair, Rebecca Rakow-Penner, MD, PhD and Co-Chair, Jadranka Stojanovska, MD. To meet the amazing investigators and see their research posters click here.

There were 14 booths that focused on specific research topics. Each was manned by a team that represented an academic department, industry partner and a patient/patient group. They were as follows:

(L to R) Bryan Lewis, Tatiana Kelil, MD, Jessica Foley, PhD, Mike Cyganowski, and David Wild

Booth #1

3D Printing for Surgical Planning of Kidney Cancer

Focused Ultrasound Foundation / Action to Cure Kidney Cancer / Brigham & Women’s Hospital / FUJIFILM

(L to R) Oliver Steinbach, PhD, Anant Madabhushi, PhD, Lisa Schlager, and Robert C. Gilkeson, MD

Booth #2

New Imaging Analytics to Advance Cancer Care

FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered / Case Western Reserve University / University Hospitals / Philips

(L to R) Brett Johnson, David Wilson, Steve Haberlein, and Christos Kosmas, MD

Booth #3

Addressing Patient Satisfaction and Underserviced Populations

Case Western Reserve University / University Hospitals/Hitachi

(L to R) Nancy J. Sauers, Etta Pisano, MD, Lucas Delaney, andBram Stolk, PhD, MBA

Booth #4

One Size Does Not Fit All: Personalizing Breast Care for Better Outcomes

Nancy J. Sauers (patient breast cancer survivor) / Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center / GE Healthcare

(L to R) Yuri Wedmid, Sara Struwe, MPA, William Bradley, MD, PhD

Booth #5

Neonatal MRI

Spina Bifida Association / UC San Diego / TIME Medical

(L to R) Kevin Harris, William Bradley, MD, PhD, and Rebeccas Rakow-Penner, MD, PhD

Booth #6

Early and Accurate Detection of Breast Cancer in Mammograms

Katherine Snedaker (patient breast cancer survivor)) / CureMetrix / UC San Diego

(L to R) Alex McLeod, Paul Tuma, Laura Coombs, PhD, and Claude Sirlin, MD

Booth #7

Li-rads: Liver Image Reporting and Data Systems

Beat Liver Tumors / UC San Diego / ACR / Nuance

(L to R) Jeff Siewerdsen, PhD, Sarah E. McKinney, PhD, Kevin Schaeffer, Jared Houk, Miriam Ladin, and Lenny Reznick

Booth #8

X-ray Dose Reduction

Image Gently / Lung Cancer Alliance / Johns Hopkins Medicine /AGFA

(L to R) Erin Angel, PhD, Taylor Stovak, John Haller, Bill Haller, and Rich Mather, PhD

Booth #9

CT Imaging Research for Coronary Heart Disease

Men’s Health Network / Johns Hopkins Medicine / Toshiba Medical

(L to R) David Widman, Sagar Shah, MD, and Alexander Kagen, MD

Booth #10

Dynamic Chest X-ray Imaging: One Exam, One Visit, Loaded with Information

Mount Sinai / Konica Minolta

(L to R) Kate Egan, Jessica Meade, Christine Cooper, and Raymond MacDougall

Booth #11

NIBIB Discoveries in Technology


(L to R) Stephanie Perkins and Brian Hargreaves, PhD

Booth #12

Mixed-Reality for Breast Surgical Planning

Stanford Medicine

(L to R) Rocky Lewis, Stan Majewski, PhD, and Cynthia Brefcynski-Lewis, PhD

Booth #13

Helmet PET/AMPET Project: A Wearable PET Brain Scanner

West Virginia University / University of Washington / University of Virginia / UC Davis / GE Healthcare


(L to R) Rose DiMaria-Ghalli and Michael Weingarten, MD, MBA, FACS

Booth #14

Ultrasound Patch for Treating Chronic Wounds

Drexel University


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