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(L to R) Melissa Kopolow McCall, Dr. David Karow and Marlo Gottfurcht Longstreet

9th Annual Medical Imaging Technology Showcase

This year’s 9th Annual Medical Imaging Technology Showcase was the largest ever! Once again held at the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill, the event highlighted the best of academia, industry and patient-focused research in a forum that educated our nation’s leadership about new cutting-edge technologies being introduced and how they affect patient outcomes. Click here for a detailed summary.

With 16 booths and 8 patient advocacy groups on hand, the event truly showcased new trends and technologies that are changing the face of imaging research and improving patient diagnosis and outcomes. The Showcase focused on interactive models and technologies which gave the audience a greater ability to personally hold 3D printed models and to experience first-hand virtual reality technologies.

Also on hand were the Academy’s Early Career Investigators (CECI²) of 2018. There were 12 new researchers along with their Chair, Rebecca Rakow-Penner, MD, PhD and Co-Chair, Jadranka Stojanovska, MD. To meet the amazing investigators and see their research posters click here.

The Academy was particularly grateful to have Rep. Anna Eshoo of California as our keynote speaker. Also sharing remarks were David Karow, MD, PhD, Human Longevity, Inc./University of California San Diego, Marlo Gottfurcht Longstreet, President of the Tanner Project Foundation, and Melissa Kopolow McCall of the Hydrocephalus Association. Hearing the compelling stories of these two mothers were amazing, heartbreaking and enlightening and demonstrate how imaging played a role in the children’s diagnosis and treatment.

Watch the NIBIB Video on 7 New Technologies Funded by the NIH

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Complete list of Showcase collaborators

Joe Corea

Pediatric MRI Coils: Thin, lightweight, and friendly imaging hardware for children

Berkeley / InkSpace Imaging

(L to R) Nanda Silva, Julie Brefczynskik-Lewis, PhD

VirPET: Virtual reality Brain Dedicated PET system

West Virginia University

(L to R) Christoph Leuze, PhD, Bruce Lewis Daniel, MD, Feliks Kogan, PhD

Mixed-Reality Medicine


(L to R) Davide Tamborini, PhD, Stefan Carp, PhD

Non-invasive tissue blood flow monitoring using low power near-infrared light

Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging

(L to R) Lenny Reznik, Alex MacLeod (patient advocate), Gordon McLennan, MD

How Images Are Used in Medicine Through Artificial Intelligence

AGFA / Cleveland Clinic

(L to R) Alex MacLeod (patient advocate), Die Meng Hoi, PhD, John Haller, PhD, Eleni Liapi, MD, Bela Kis, PhD (not pictured – Rich Mather, PhD)

Hybrid Imaging Systems for the Treatment of Liver Cancer

Canon Medical Research USA, Inc. / Moffitt Cancer Center / Johns Hopkins University

(L to R) Elliot Siegel, MD, Mike Cyganowski, David Woodell, Vikash Gupta, MD

3D Printing for Surgical Planning of Kidney Cancer

FUJIFILM / University of Maryland

(L to R) Michael Becker, Melissa Desnoyers, Orrin Marcella

Advanced Radiology in a Heartbeat

George Washington University / GE Healthcare

(L to R) David Widmann, Alexander Kagen, MD, Kirsten Doerfert, Jhanna Moore, MD, Stephen Zink, MD, Guillermo Sander

From Imagination to Reality: Chest X-ray in Motion A Better Way to Diagnose Disabling Lung Diseases

Mount Sinai / Konica Minolta

(L to R) Sandeep Dalal, PhD, Paul Nagy, MD, Kayla Tullis, Yuenchen Qian, PhD

Radiology Practice Improvement for Better Patient Care

Johns Hopkins / Philips

(L to R) Elizabeth Mirowski, PhD, Ethan Y. Leng

Imaging Standards for Improving Prostate Cancer Outcomes

University of Minnesota / QalibreMD

(L to R) Christian Eusmann, PhD, Katie McCormack Lelyveld, Marlo Gottfurcht Longstreet, Eleanor Kerr, David Karow, MD, PhD

Medical Imaging and Genomics: Core Components of Precision Health

Human Longevity, Inc. / Siemens / University of California San Diego

(L to R) Yuri Wedmid, Renee Cruea

NOVA 7T Preclinical MRI

Time Medical Systems

(L to R) Vikash Gupta, MD, David MacCutcheon

Ultrasound Patch for Treating Chronic Wounds

University of Maryland / Terarecon

(L to R) Paul Fishman, MD, Dheeraj Gandhi, MD, Jessica Foley, PhD

MRI-guided Focused Ultrasound to Treat Parkinson’s Disease

University of Maryland / Focused Ultrasound Foundation

(L to R) Christine Cooper, Kate Egan, Dr. Jill Heemskerk, Raymond MacDougall

NIBIB Discoveries in Technology

National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB)

(L to R) Ryne Carney, Kelsey Allcorn, Sarah DiGiovine

Alliance on Aging Research

(L to R) Deborah Coulter, Christine Buckley

Brain Aneurysm Foundation

(L to R) Juienne Edwards and colleague

Fight Colorectal Cancer

(L to R) Amanda Garzon, Natalie Martinez

Hydrocephalus Association

(L to R) Ray MacDougall of NIBIB with Amy Copeland

Lung Cancer Alliance

Colin Stephenson

Men’s Health Network

Marlo Gottfurcht Longstreet

Tanner Project

Alexander McLeod

Yes! Beat Liver Tumors

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