Academy Applauds the Senate Appropriation Committee for Approving FY2018 Spending Bill Which Includes $2 Billion for NIH

On September 7, 2017, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved the Labor, Health and Human Service, Education (LHHS) spending bill. Contained in this bill was an increase of $2 billion for the National Institute of Health. This represents a total budget funding level of $36.1 billion; a 5.4 percent increase. The committee’s bipartisan vote rejected Administration plans to slash the NIH budget by approximately 22 percent. This increase follows the $1.1 billion increase to the NIH funding levels in July of this year. While much of this money is earmarked for specific programs, these increases are critical for the NIH in total to help maintain and eventually return to growth levels for research programs across all Institutes.

Additionally, the bill included language to continue support for reimbursements for research institutions for their Facilities &Administrative costs (indirects). This language prevents the OMB or executive branch attempts to defund these reimbursement costs.

The Academy wishes to express their gratitude to LHHS Committee Chair Rep. Roy Blount and Ranking Member, Patty Murray for their leadership and vision in passing this key funding provision. The Academy hopes this bipartisan support on behalf of the research community extends through total budget passage and beyond. It is imperative that the full Senate passes a budget agreement that guarantees sustainable funding levels at the NIH for FY2018 and beyond. Sequestration remains a threat to real growth at the NIH.

To read the Republican members assessment of the committee’s efforts go to:

To read the Democratic members assessment of the committee’s efforts go to:

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