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In 2014 The Academy for Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research Academic Council offered 12 travel awards for early career investigators from Member Departments to attend the annual Coalition for Imaging and Bioengineering Research (CIBR) Medical Technology Imaging Showcase in Washington DC. These awards created a unique opportunity for investigators to learn first-hand how to advocate for imaging research, discuss research with policy makers and visit the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Each travel awardee meets with NIH Directors and staff, their Congressional Representatives, and have the option to display a research poster they design from their home Institution during the Showcase. Additionally, there are incredible networking opportunities with Academic Chairs, patient advocacy leaders, and Congressional staff.

Each year new early career investigators are selected and become a part of this prestigious Academy tradition. Below is a list of past Travel Award Recipients.

Complete Council of Early Career Investigators in Imaging

Mariam Aboian, MD, PhDYale University
Raag Airan, MD, PhDJohns Hopkins University
Matthew David Alexander, MDUniversity of Utah
Brad Allen, MDNorthwestern University
Costas D. Arvanitis, PhDBrigham and Women’s Hospital
Jakob Asslaender, PhDNew York University
Kenneth Bader, PhDUniversity of Chicago
Steven H. Baete, PhDNYU Langone Medical Center
Hediyeh Baradaran, MDUniversity of Utah
Ramon Francisco Barajas Jr., MDOregon Health and Science University
Adam Q. Bauer, PhDWashington University, St. Louis
Anton Becker, MD, PhDMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Marc Benayoun, MD, PhDWake Forest University
Matthew Bucknor, MDUniversity of California, San Francisco
Christiane Burton, PhDBeth Israel Deaconess
Joe Burns, MDUniversity of California, Irvine
Nicholas Burris, MDUniversity of Michigan
Majid Chalian, MDUniversity of Washington
Aisling Chaney, PhDStanford University
Peter Chang, MDUniversity of California Irvine
James Scott Cordova, MD, PhDEmory University
Daniel Costa, MDUniversity of Texas Southwestern
Rachelle Crescenzi, PhDVanderbilt University
Jaydev K. Dave, PhD, DABR, MSThomas Jefferson University
Seena Dehkharghani, MDNew York University
Swati Deshmukh, MDNorthwestern University
Ryne Didier, MDOregon Health and Science University
Huy Michael Do, MDNational Institutes of Health (NIH)
Vinay Duddalwar, MDUniversity of Southern California
James East, MDUniversity of Vermont
Adam T. Eggebrecht, PhDWashington University, St. Louis
Erin K. Englund, PhDUniversity of California, San Diego, Sponsored by ISMRM
Audrey Fan, PhDStanford University
Michael Farwell, MDUniversity of Pennsylvania
Lesley Flynt, MDUniversity of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Sponsored by SNMMI
Terence P. Gade, MD, PhDUniversity of Pennsylvania
Samuel Galgano, MDUniversity of Alabama, Birmingham
Judy Wawria Gichoya, MD, MSEmory University
Alexander Goehler, MD, PhDBrigham and Women’s / Harvard University
Manu S. Goyal, MD, MScWashington University, St. Louis
Ajay Gupta, MDWeill Cornell Medicine
Michael E. Hahn, MD, PhDUniversity of California, San Diego
Melissa Haskell, PhDMassachusetts General Hospital / Harvard University
Mai-Lan Ho, MDNationwide Children’s Hospital, Sponsored by SPR
Michal Horny, PhD, MScEmory University
Albert Hsiao, MD, PhDUniversity of California, San Diego
Susie Huang, MD, PhDMassachusetts General Hospital, Sponsored by RSNA
Joseph Ippolito, MD, PhDWashington University, St. Louis
Jana Ivanidze, MD, PhDCornell University
Jayender Jagadeesan, PhDBrigham and Women’s Hospital
Hyungseok Jang, PhDUniversity of California San Diego
Abhinav Kumar Jha, PhDWashington University, St. Louis
Shanshan Jiang, MD, PhDJohns Hopkins
Oliver Jonas, PhDBrigham and Women’s Hospital
Arash Kamali, MDUniversity of Texas Houston
Neena Kapoor, MDBrigham and Women’s Hospital
Alexander Kim, MDGeorgetown University
Jeongchul Kim, PhDWake Forest University
Kevin King, MDUniversity of Southern California
Feliks Kogan, PhDStanford University
Benjamin Larimer, PhDThe University of Alabama at Birmingham
Amie Y. Lee, MDUniversity of California, San Francisco
Yueh Z. Lee, MD, PhDUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Bruce Lehnert, MDUniversity of Washington
Alex Lin, PhDBrigham and Women’s Hospital
Megan Lipford, PhDUniversity of Wisconsin
Kathryn Lowry, MDUniversity of Washington
Matthew Lungren, MD, MPHStanford University
Emily L. Marshall, PhDUniversity of Chicago, Sponsored by AAPM
Emily McWalters, PhDStanford University
Courtney Coursey Moreno, MDEmory University
Rustain Morgan, MD, MSUniversity of Colorado
Prashant Nagpal, MDUniversity of Iowa
Kiel D. Neumann, PhDUniversity of Virginia
Joshua Nickerson, MDUniversity of Vermont
Sumit Narayan Niogi, MD, PhDWeill Cornell Medicine
Kristin O’Grady, PhDVanderbilt University
Emilia Olson, MDUniversity of California, San Diego
Bhavik Patel, MDStanford University
Sam Payabvash, MDYale University
Marie-France Penet, PhDJohns Hopkins University
Nancy Pham, MDUniversity of California, Davis Medical Center
Ali Pirasteh, MDUniversity of Texas, Southwestern, Sponsored by SABI
Alison Pouch, PhDUniversity of Pennsylvania
Luciano Prevedello, MD, MPHOhio State University, Wexner Medical Center
Ashley Elizabeth Prosper, MDUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Rebecca Rakow-Penner, MD, PhDUniversity of California, San Diego
David A. Reiter, PhDEmory University
Bhavya Rehani, MDUniversity of California, San Francisco
Ana Rodriguez-Soto, PhDUniversity of California, San Diego
Christin Y. Sander, PhDMassachusetts General Hospital
Bital Savir-Baruch, MDLoyola University, Sponsored by SNMMI
Mark A. Sellmyer, MD, PhDUniversity of Pennsylvania
Nasim Sheikh-Bahaei, MDUniversity of Southern California
Deepa Sheth, MDUniversity of Chicago
Rahul Sheth, MDMassachusetts General Hospital / Harvard University
Vipul Sheth, MDStanford University
Mark S. Shiroishi, MDUniversity of Southern California
Judy Squires, MDUniversity of Pittsburgh
Kiran Kumar Solingapuram Sai, PhDWake Forest University
Anna Sorace, PhDUniversity of Alabama, Birmingham
Jadranka Stojanovska, MDUniversity of Michigan Health System
Elizabeth Sutton, MDMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Tina Tailor, MDDuke University
Sina Tavakoli, MD, PhDUniversity of Pittsburgh
Valentina Taviani, PhDStanford University
Brian Taylor, PhDVirginia Commonwealth University, Sponsored by AAPM
Daniel Thorek, PhDMallinckrodt Center, Washington University in St. Louis
Anna Trofimova, MD, PhDEmory University
Aradhana M. Vekatesan, MDUniversity of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Archana Venkataraman, PhDYale University
Adam Wang, PhDStanford University
Guobao Wang, PhDUniversity of California, Davis
Moses Q. Wilks, PhDMassachusetts General Hospital / Harvard University
Shangdong Wu, PhDUniversity of Pittsburgh
Meng Yin, PhDMayo Clinic
Maggie Zhang, MDUniversity of Michigan
Bo Zhu, PhDMassachusetts General Hospital / Harvard University
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