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CECI Posters

Please see link for poster details & guidelines –


NIH Visits

When will I know which NIH Institutes I will be meeting with?
-You will be notified as soon as the schedule is set which we hope will be several weeks prior to arrival in Washington.  Martha Nolan will be sending you individual schedules and whom you are meeting with as well as a map of the campus. 

How should I prepare for these meetings/what will I need to bring with me?
-These are meetings designed to help you better understand the Institutes at NIH, their process, grant questions among many others.  The NIH very much wants to be helpful in providing information to you as early career investigators and taking the mystery out of the process of applying for grants.  You will be speaking to them about your research and should prepare questions that you want/need answered.

Will lunch be provided at the NIH?
-There are cafeterias in the NIH buildings.  We will be providing you with information on which building we most likely will be gathering for lunch based on where the afternoon meeting with NIBIB will be located.

How are we getting to the NIH on Monday morning?
-Travel to and from NIH will be by METRO.  The Academy will be providing you with METRO Smartrip cards for this.


Hill Visits

When will I know which offices I will be meeting with?
-You will receive your formal schedule the day you arrive in DC for the Medical Technology Showcase.

Do I need to do any follow up before these meetings take place?
-If we need you to send any materials to your member prior to this meeting you will be notified by Martha Nolan. If you do not receive any instruction from her to do so you do not need to anything.

Will I be going to these meetings alone?
-If you happen to schedule a coffee chat with your member you may be attending that meeting alone. But, for most of the meetings you will attend with a team or partner with you.

How will I be prepared for these meetings before they happen?
-By attending Martha Nolan’s Hill training workshop Monday evening from 5-6PM at the hotel you will be given the details of what to expect during your meetings on Capitol Hill and will also be able to ask any questions you may have. These meeting will give you all the information you will need to be successful on the Hill!





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