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Can I display my logo on my booth for Showcase?
-No, due to Senate rules your logo may only be displayed on the banner the Academy produces for your booth.

Can I bring giveaways for my booth? (pens, notepads, etc.)
-No, due to Senate rules no items may be given away at this event.

Who do I contact about getting my equipment into Hart Senate Office Building?
-Point of Contact for equipment and room setup questions is Casey Cappelletti (202) 347-5872.

What are the dimensions for items I intend to carry through security?
-Dimensions for Hart Office security scanning are 24×16 inches. Please contact Casey Cappelletti with any questions or if you have larger equipment that needs to get into the Showcase.

When is the deadline for items I am shipping to the Academy for Showcase?
Your items need to arrive by Friday April 6th, 2018 to ensure they can be screened before the event. Please contact Casey Cappelletti at or (202)-347-5872 if you are shipping anything to the Academy. Address: 1001 Connecticut Ave. NW Washington, Suite 601,  DC 20036.

What time do I need to report to my booth for the Showcase?
-You will need to be at your booth by 4:00PM on Tuesday evening, please keep in mind you will need to go through Hart’s security before you enter the building. If you are planning to bring multiple items through security you will need to allow additional time for screening.

Hill Visits

When will I know which offices I will be meeting with?
-You will receive your formal schedule the day you arrive in DC for the Medical Technology Showcase.

Do I need to do any follow up before these meetings take place?
-If we need you to send any materials to your member prior to this meeting you will be notified by Martha Nolan. If you do not receive any instruction from her to do so you do not need to anything.

Will I be going to these meetings alone?
-Possibly, this will depend on the type of meeting you are attending.

How will I be prepared for these meetings before they happen?
-By attending Martha Nolan’s hill training workshop Monday evening from 5:00PM – 6:00PM at the Doubletree Crystal City you will be given the details of what to expect during your meetings on Capitol Hill and will also be able to ask any questions you may have. This training will ensure you are fully prepared for the meetings with your representatives!


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