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Jim Pipe

James G. Pipe, PhD

Jim Pipe received his PhD in Bioengineering from the University of Michigan in 1993. He was faculty at Wayne State University and the Barrow Neurological Institute before joining the Mayo Clinic, where he is a Professor of Radiology and directs the Magnetic Resonance Technology and Use Design group. He is also very involved with the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), the global society dedicated to research and innovation in clinical Magnetic Resonance. He is a Fellow of ISMRM, served as Chair of their 2012 annual meeting in Melbourne as well as 6 international workshops, and recently served as its President (2015-2016). This involvement has given him a broad perspective of the field of MR in medicine and the biosciences.

Dr. Pipe’s research focuses on developing MRI methods that have a real, positive impact on patient care. He is best known for his invention of PROPELLER (MultiVane XD), a method specifically designed to eliminate the blurring that results when patients move during an MRI scan. This technology is now available on nearly all commercial scanners. He continues to help establish the underpinnings for many next-generation methods such as Spiral MRI with a goal of greatly reducing exam times while increasing the information available to physicians. He is also an advocate for combining technology design with “use design” in order to improve patient care while simultaneously addressing the financial challenges of global healthcare and the desire for improved patient experience and empowerment.

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