On March 19, 2009, CIBR sponsored a Capitol Hill Legislative Briefing titled “Medical Imaging Research: Pictures of Hope”. The briefing focused on how Imaging Research benefits patients across the spectrum of disease and injury. The speakers included Melanie Smith, a patient advocate who was diagnosed with Stage 1 lung cancer in 2007 at age 51. She is a non-smoker with a family history of both non-smoking and smoking related lung cancer. She has lost her father, two brothers, and two uncles to this disease. She shared a truly incredible story about imaging (CT and MRI) and how it saved her life.

“I was honored to have been asked to participate in the Pictures of Hope Briefing through the sharing of my personal patient advocate story. I truly believe that my excellent prognosis for a continued ‘cancer free’ future is directly attributed to medical imaging and thus, the opportunity for an early stage diagnosis and treatment plan. I am delighted to have learned that advances in this technology are continuing at a rapid pace.”

Stephen R. Baker, MD, MPH gave a presentation titled: Medical Imaging – Instructive Shadows and Bright Prospects, which covered the 115 year history of radiology as well as the horizon for imaging research. Dr. Baker gave several examples of how imaging technology benefits patients with various disease conditions. Les R. Folio, DO presented on Application of Advanced Imaging in Combat and his Experiences from Iraq deployments. He highlighted techniques of trajectory analysis of ballistic wounds, showing how he applies this technique for immediate and long-term benefits for wounded warriors. The briefing was well attended with 60 representatives from Congressional and Senate Offices, Patient Advocacy Groups, NIH, and the Library of Congress.

Dr. Stephen Baker, Melanie Smith, Renee Cruea, Dr. Les Folio, Stacie Probst

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