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Join Our Mentorship Program!

Support the next generation of radiologists or imaging researchers by serving as a mentor!

Enroll to be mentored by an experienced professional in your field!

In your career as a radiologist or imaging researcher, would you have benefitted from advice on research grants, technical issues involving your research, or simply more opportunities to network with other individuals in your field of study?

If the answer is yes, please consider joining the Academy's Mentorship Program, as either a mentor or mentee!

This program is intended to facilitate a short-term or long-term relationship between mentor and mentee. Mentorship relationships can be hugely beneficial to your career! For example:

  • Grant-writing:
    Mentees can learn tools necessary to write successful R01 grant applications from their mentor, through large group events, and workshops with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other partner institutions;
  • One-on-one meetings:
    Mentors and mentees can work collaboratively on a one-on-one basis to advance research efforts and discuss challenges and opportunities.
  • Peer group work:
    Meetings of 4-5 mentees and their mentors can be held during national conferences of imaging societies, in which participants review research proposals and offer constructive feedback and discuss common challenges;


The Academy will contact all interested mentors and mentees and facilitate meetings at the RSNA conference or elsewhere by mutual agreement or a conference call as soon as is possible.

For more information, please contact Martha Nolan.

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