Academy/NIST Workshop2022-01-26T11:33:38-05:00

The purpose: Collectively discuss the needs of the future diagnostician – what we have come to refer to as the “Diagnostic Cockpit” (Dx CP) of the future. This workshop will facilitate dialogue amongst industry, imaging research academia, the broader physician community, and federal government agencies whose missions and expertise bear on medical imaging. This is a continuation of the Academy Scientific Symposium held in September 2017.

Post Workshop Materials:

Advanced Workshop Materials:

General Advanced Materials:

Breakout A Advanced Materials: Define the scope of the product. Concisely define the current and future state of diagnostics.

Breakout B Advanced Materials: The movement from qualitative to quantitative findings and the need for standardized references.

Breakout C Advanced Materials: Environmental factors, billing/patient/workflow/ diagnostician perspective.


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