This workshop, which is co-hosted by the RSNA and the Academy of Radiology Research, will provide attendees with a clearer understanding of the NIH peer review process. The RSNA and the Academy of Radiology Research are committed to building relationships with the NIH Institutes and Centers that have a large imaging portfolio, and one of the best ways to do this is by identifying individuals who can serve on the study sections. This workshop will identify those individuals and train them on the peer review process. This understanding will better prepare them to serve on the NIH Study Sections or other grant-review panels. Although there is a significant amount of information available on how the review process works, many investigators (both new and experienced) often have questions that are best answered directly in person by those with first-hand experience. This is particularly true for clinicians who do not have the time to search the available information.

The workshop will be held during the RSNA meeting on Saturday, November 26 from 1-5pm. To register for the workshop, first enroll for the RSNA annual meeting. The Workshop can be added to your meeting agenda after July 27, 2016.

Please register, and please encourage others to attend as well.

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