RSNA meeting attendees are invited to stop by the Academy’s booth and scan their badge, or use a laptop, iPad or their own mobile device to email members of Congress in support of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and imaging research.

The NIH  is the world’s premier medical research institution. In fact, the innovative technologies that are seen throughout RSNA’s exhibit halls are emblematic of NIH’s impact on patient care and public health. NIH has long supported the basic science foundations of imaging science, including the physics, chemistry, and engineering advances that have unlocked the power of imaging diagnostics. Over the past decade, translational imaging has built upon these efforts to deliver meaningful clinical solutions that are saving lives and improving human health. In order for this record of progress to continue, Congress must provide a strong level of funding to the NIH, and RSNA meeting attendees have the opportunity to ensure that this occurs.

Emails from constituents are an important part of the Academy’s virtual grassroots advocacy campaign to support medical research. “Attendees can simply scan their badge and our system will determine their members of Congress and send a letter to each of their three legislators here in Washington. No other medical specialty has a meeting of this capacity. The imaging community can really make a difference during a critical time. A strong number of letters from RSNA attendees would have a large impact on Capitol Hill,” remarked Renee Cruea, the Executive Director of the Academy.

The Academy’s booth is located in McCormick Place’s Grand Concourse, near the Starbucks and help desk (look for the Keep Calm sign!)

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