The Academy’s 2014 CECI Class2020-10-28T13:01:02-04:00

The Academy's 2014 CECI2 Class

Costas D. Arvanitis, PhDDr. Arvanitis’ research is focused on ultrasound biophysics, and its overarching goal is the discovery and translation of novel therapeutic interventions against human disease. Specific areas of his research include biomedical ultrasonics, linear and nonlinear acoustics, sound propagation in complex media (brain/skull), microbubble dynamics (acoustic cavitation) and control, and image guided therapy. He is particularly active in the field of cancer research, where he conducts fundamental investigations on ultrasound and microbubble-meditated mass transport in brain tumors, and develops computational tools to support the more rational design of focused-ultrasound-based treatment of brain cancer.
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